peppermint tea with a succulent and selenite crystal

Why Peppermint Tea Is One Of My Favourite Drinks For Digestion

Any mint lovers over here? One of my favourite teas to drink anytime I feel any sort of indigestion, or just because it’s delicious, is peppermint tea! In fact, I drink a cup almost every single day! It’s actually a super healthy beverage option too! Here is why peppermint tea is so awesome: Improve digestion …

Blog Reduce Your Plastic

‘Reduce Your Plastic’ Series – What To Do About Single Use Produce Bags?

Hey Lovelies! I am starting a new series on my blog called ‘Reduce The Plastic,’ and you guessed it, it’s about how we can take small steps to reduce our plastic consumption, because it’s not good for us, or the planet!  Today I want to address single use produce bags. Yes, they are handy for …